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  • 21 march 2024: New season, new theme :3c !
  • 07 february 2024: The thoughts page is now up!
  • December 2023: i forgot to mention that i added the blog page
  • 27 november 2023: slightly changed the home page ^^
  • 26 november 2023: added the (unfinished) shrine page
  • 25 october 2023: the dream diary page has appeared on my site!
  • 21 october 2023: the about page is up :3c
  • 4 september 2023: theme revamp!
  • 10 august 2023: i finished the homepage
  • 9 august 2023: i created this website
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Hello and welcome to my little corner stranger!
I'm Andrea, the webmaster of this site ^^

I created this website on a random day of August in 2023, proclaiming it my sweet and cozy home.
But my journey as a webmaster didn't started in 2023, but almost two years ago, where i createad chaosmaid, my first website ever!

Anyway, i'm not the best in terms of coding so my code is really messy, please don't look at it ^^"
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